Sunday, November 25, 2007

Skeleton Woman: first post

June 24, 2006
Christina O'Reilly: And there we were on the dog beach in Emeryville looking at a director's lust: part of an old ship washed up on shore. Perfect. I'd known about it, stumbled on it two weeks before. Turned to my daughter with glee and she said, "It was found by a theater company that's putting up 'The Tempest 'on the beach. My face fell, but then she said, "I know the director... " So here my husband and i are on a foggy, windy Sunday. I run over and start to lift it. Did you know that there's often a big gap between the first euphoric moments of discovery and the actual moment of implementation? There was no way he and I could budge this old weathered relic. It had taken us over an hour to get there and even longer to find the time. I looked up and saw an interested man with grey hair and a yellow lab puppy. He sees our plight. I called out to him to see if he could help. Then I see a young couple with 2 more yellow lab dogs...interesting. Soon 5 of us are lifting this boat, carrying it across the sand through the woods, and hoisting it up on top of the portage bars of our truck. The gift and grace of strangers.

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