Saturday, December 11, 2010

Solstice continued

13. 7/7/10
sunlight everywhere
on the roads
on the tops of trees
top of the steering wheel
on my hands
more light,
as they turn the direction towards the west,
it drips down
my left arm
stops at the
I have to feel it. (42)

14. 7/8
driving down the road
this dark night
two rivers of
orange lines
in front of me
lit up by headlights. (43)

for tim
15. 7/9
the road today
is lighter
light all around me
even though I
can’t feel it.
I can’t
then I can
then it’s not there
then it is.

the tangling dance of light. (44)

16. 7/10
In the rear view mirror
Bright car yellow cat eyes
Following me home
Until I turned left. (45)

17. 7/11
light on the clay damp sand
underneath the gravel
by the tires of my
as I lie
far too close
with the road. (46)

18. 7/11
the light of this
summer day
stays in my heart.(47)

19. 7/11
soft golden grasses
brighter than
the dawn fog
above. (48)

20. 7/13/10
Up the hollows down the inclines
in rivers
falling down the road
sunlight on my face. (49)

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