Tuesday, June 14, 2011

morning walk to get the paper

soft flight of birds
hear wings
leaving twisted wire--
crunch into
apple delight,
pale yellow with
clouds of green,
bite 'round
bits of bad
stopped in tracks
by massive black limbs
and slender leaves
on gum trees
mirrored in a
puddle of silver
also slender.
a tiny permutation
a ripple
wider arcs
spilling out
a breeze?
a drop
from sky?
drop drop
here there
life is so

as i posted in the last blog, i'm still tinkering with punctuation. any suggestions? i started out with only 2 question marks: the ones after breeze and sky. i liked the flow and the simplicity, but then was afraid i was demanding too much of the reader. what say you?

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