Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a confession and rambling

i put some of these poems up too early. i just get too excited. and then i find myself tweaking and editing them online. part of what i'm playing with in my art is to let go of the need for perfection. i could go on and give you other rationalizations :-). just so you know i'm both serious about this and not at the same time.

emily dickinson wrote version after version of her poems. editors often don't know which one was THE ONE. guess what. maybe there isn't a ONE. Playwrights often get talked into one version by directors and years later go back and change it. writing my poems: some days i like one version. some days another. sometimes it's mood dependent. sometimes an experience of the event gets richer and i'm clearer about what i want to say. sometimes another experience changes my original experience of the poem. it's like the "choose your own ending stories and films". of course many times "the penny drops" and you get that feeling of resonance and letting go. the search for perfection is limited in the constant multidimensional, plasticity of our world.

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