Thursday, February 3, 2011


Andrea Dunlap, the book designer, sent lulu a great e-mail describing the botched covers and they got it. So the 50 books are due any day.

huzzah huzzah. my first book is done. you can order it through lulu.

also had a wonderful design consult with deidre scherer who is "illuminating" my poems from EVERYDAY MERMAID POEMS. quite exciting. I won't tell what we're up to, but i think you will like it. All I'll say is that it leans towards the abstract. Our goal was to have a genuine equal dialogue going on between my work and hers. we've been talking and playing with ideas since a year ago January. You know all that research and exploring basement work before a project begins. And now it's begun.

You can look at Deidre's work at It's a unique form of art which she's created out of fabric and thread. take a look. it's quite special.

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