Monday, February 9, 2009

music and reporting in

Just met with Devi Mathieu and she loaded me up with songs from Saint Francis' time - some probably written by St. Francis or at least influenced by him. So exciting. She said these songs are written with definite rhythmic structure. She said the troubadour songs which influenced St. Francis were word poetry driven and not based in set rhythmic patterns. So I get to dive into this and start getting a sense of what kind of sound/music do I want to permeate the piece. I love these dichotomies. And then throw in sound/music spinning off from words and rhythms of my play. And remember Emily Dickison based her meter on hymns of her day. Lots of sound ideas here.


Tomorrow I get to hear a private reading of my piece by a poet and an actor friend. This will help me externalize it a bit more when looking to see where gaps might be.

I realize I'm in a bit of a quandary about what to call this work. If I call it a play, then people's expectations are a more word driven piece. I saw an amazing "play" called ARABIAN NIGHTS by Mary Zimmerman and realize that my piece is between this and dance. So I end up calling it a "piece" most of the time. Have to get my brains around a better word.