Tuesday, September 8, 2009

8 days of workshopping with george

Still shimmering from all the work ending in 8 hours of work yesterday and my friend Bob Poole filmed 8 takes in 3 hours today. Lots of fabulous exploration. Cutting words, improvising, on script, off script, on the chairs, on the floor. Working from connection is bliss where we arrived and hard trying to get there. So so worth it. We both ended up in another world. That's the joy of acting. We'll edit it and if we've got interesting film for public viewing we'll put it up on this site. I need to let the tapes cook for awhile or I should say I need to let it all simmer in me so I can see with more objective eyes. I've learned so much about this piece.

Goodbye sweet George. Off he goes back to New York. And a big heartfelt shout out to Bob who came in at the last minute with time, heart, and clear precise thoughts on changes. Working together where it's all about the work and nothing else is such pleasure.

And now I know when you're lucky enough to have it going well you get energized not depleted.

(posted a few days later)