Sunday, December 20, 2009


I want to write all my friends
All my acquaintances
All my strangers
All my family
Who have helped me
Given me support
Given me insight
Given me their hand up
Their hand out
But it is too numerous
It’s like the apples
On the tree.

The birds circle the sky
The creeks get
Deeper and deeper every year
The trees know their role
They gather
Their roots sucking up water
Water sucking their tender shoots
Moment by moment
The dirt leaves
And then the fall
A bridge
A ramp
A railing
A calling
By the side.
Their greenness
Dissolving in the dark
Of the river that the creek
Became all those years..

And water cutting
Through dark earth to stone
Is grateful for the
Gift of green
Buried in its depths
Not seen, but known.