Sunday, June 16, 2013


for two days now
when i look out the french doors
there is a bird
with medium brown colors-
not a feather out of place-
cocking his head to one side
then the next,
looking at me.
wham his feathers pouf out
in a cape
tail back and forth
like a fan.
then, he turns his head to the sky
in rapture

this happens over and over again

i fear he's courting the wrong bird

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


it was hot tonight
and i was bored and dull inside
i opened up a watermelon
tore open its flesh
felt  the threads of pulp skim  my  mouth
as my teeth seeked  to tear the juice
from it's source
i ate and ate ate

i ate piece after piece
sliced it scooped it pulled it off it's rind
and the small round green  globe
shrunk smaller smaller in size--
a piece of rose pink jutted out
like a spear and i gnashed it whole
ravished it,
and felt the coolness on my tongue
juice dripped  down my cheek.

right there it was
right there.
nothing nothing except
me and that green globe--
and it was enough.