Tuesday, October 27, 2015

EVERYDAY MERMAID Poems by Christina Isobel Art by Deidre Scherer

EVERDAY MERMAID is a poetic how-to manual for diving deeply into ordinary moments.  There you find a more primal connection with life. Lyric poems tell the stories during a year. Vivid cut, layered, and stitched textile art holds the words and makes the inner world concrete.

The book has been crafted as an accordion so you can recreate the context of the book depending on whim: pulling out cycles of poems in a day, or moving from day to night, exploring a whole night, or a season. Each different view adds a new slice of luminosity and movement. Each view changes how the poems are seen, adding layers to the experience and deepening the dive.

A poem:


I walk in the silence of the trees
A journey of the breath
Into the heart
Out to release
Moss growing up my ankles
One step, two
Straight as trunks
Branching from my spine
My legs move
Bark a'cracklin'.

Out the air goes
Through my mouth
Curves in space
Follows currents
Between two worlds
Mending the particular
By connecting to the whole.
Leaves a canopy
'Round my shoulders
Sticking out my ears.
Now I know trees
Are the lungs 
Of this world.

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